Beard Trimming

  • Beard Trim – £5.00
  • Beard Tidy (open Blade with oil)- £10.00
  • Beard Trim & Tidy – £15.00

Hot Towel Shave

1st shave: The hot towel shave is so enjoyable! even for the barber as it is an art. We analyse the skin to use the correct products for different skin types – as there are a few! We begin with moisturising, after that we apply the hot towel around the face to open the pores then begin the shave. After, depending on the skin type, we will exfoliate and wash the face.

2nd shave: We apply a hot towel to seal the skin with shaving products then commence the shave, We then wash the face, removing all debris from face which includes dead skin cells and all facial loose hair using a massaging method to remove all. Finally the most relaxing part is the massage on the face, neck and ears. Denise is a qualified beauty therapist and applies her methods to a very high standard for all skin treatments.

  • £29.50


A thoroughly relaxing treatment to unwind those stressed facial muscles from which you will be left with a fully refreshed face and mind.

  • £35.00

Hopi Ear Candles

Hopi Ear Candles is a treatment that is used for congestion around the sinus area. This is excellent to remove any tension for allergies and headaches if any infection has been caused after treatment of antibiotics. This treatment is suction-based, heat entering from the candle from ear canal which evaporates the mucus type substance into a powder which is filtered into the the candle. It is an interesting experience which includes a massage around the face to drain the toxins that are lying around the canals which will drain and detox to relieve the rest of the tension.

  • Price – £30.00

Skin Consultation

  • £26.00

Student Rates*

Student special rates are from Monday to Thursday, normal prices Friday/Sat


Please note all payments taken by card will incur a 50p Charge.